BT Contact Number: 0800 800 150

Contact BT for free by calling their main customer service phone number 0800 800 150 (UK freephone number).

BT is the largest provider of landline telephone and broadband internet services in the United Kingdom – they also provide a highly popular Internet TV and BT Sport subscription service.

0800 800 150 (freephone number) is the best general enquiries phone numbers to call for contacting BT, for information on BT services and if you are unsure of which BT department you should contact.

If you want to pay or query your bill then please phone the 24-hour BT Billing helpline on their 0800 433 311 freephone contact number. If you want to join BT then you should call their designated BT sign-up helpline 0800 100 400. Alternatively if you want to cancel your BT service you should call 0800 783 1401 for free and if you wish to make a complaint to BT about the quality of service you received then you should call their official 0207 356 5000 phone number for BT’s London Head Office.

BT offices

BT Landline – 0800 800 151

Contact the BT Landline customer service helpdesk by calling their 0800 800 151 phone number for free from any UK phone. Call the 0800 800 151 BT landline helpline if you are having technical difficulties with your BT landline, such as if you cannot hear what the other caller is saying or you are unable to make a call from your BT phone. You can also phone 0800 800 151 to get up-to-date information on BT landline prices and the features available with BT landline packages.

BT Broadband, BT TV and BT Sport – 0800 111 4567

Phone customer service advisors for BT Broadband by calling their 0800 111 4567 contact number which is free of charge from all UK phones. 0800 111 4567 is the main general enquiries and technical support helpline for BT Broadband, BT TV and BT Sport services. If you are having difficulties connecting to the internet or you aren’t receiving picture or sound on your BT TV/BT Sport services then call 0800 111 4567. If you are having difficulties with BT Cloud storage services and need troubleshooting advice for BT Cloud then please call the dedicated BT Cloud helpline 0800 500 3114. Finally, if you are having problems with your BT ID, such as if you have forgotten your BT ID username or password then please call the main BT ID account support helpline for free on 0800 707 6310.

List of Popular BT Phone Numbers

BT Department UK Phone Number
BT Customer Services 0800 800 150
Complain to BT 0207 356 5000
Cancel your BT Service 0800 783 1401
Switch to a BT Service (Join BT), or move your BT Service to a New Address 0800 100 400
BT Billing Support 0800 433 311
BT Landline Technical Support 0800 800 511
BT TV, Broadband & Email Troubleshooting 0800 111 4567