Hermes Contact Number: 0330 333 6556

Contact Hermes delivery services on their UK customer service phone number 0330 333 6556 to track your parcel and to get an updated delivery time in the event that their courier service was delayed.

Hermes is an international parcel delivery company with operations throughout China and Europe, including the United Kingdom. Their main customer service phone number 0330 333 6556 is designed for their advisors to make an enquiry about their delivery prices and rates for parcels of any given weight. You can also call this helpline to enquire about the delivery time of a package you have already sent through their delivery service, similarly if you are having technical difficulties with using their online tracking services then their customer care team will be able to help you to get the exact location of your parcel. If you are expecting a delivery through Hermes that hasn’t arrived by its scheduled due date then you can phone their general enquiries department to get an update on its whereabouts.

Calls to the Hermes customer service number 0330 333 6556 are charged at the same rate as calls to local UK numbers such as 01 and 02 telephone numbers. Please note that these calls may be free of charge if you have free inclusive minutes as part of your landline or mobile tariff, however please check with your network provider for confirmation of this.

myHermes parcel shops – 0330 333 6556

Phone Hermes on their general enquiries phone number to 0330 333 6556 to find your nearest myHermes parcel shop and to track a delivery that you made using this courier service. These shops are based in existing local stores, supermarkets and shopping centres to provide you with a convenient location to drop off your parcel. Additionally you can call this number to confirm that your parcel is available to be picked up from your local myHermes outlet.

Head office & complaints – 0844 543 7411

Contact Hermes’ UK head office on their official phone number 0844 543 7411 (at £0.07 per minute plus your operator’s access charge) directly to make a complaint about a delayed or damaged package, where you can also notify them about the conduct of a member of staff if they have offended you. If the customer service advisor that you speak to is unable to resolve your complaint after a short period you should escalate the complaint by requesting to speak to the customer relations manager. Please note that calls to this number are charged at business rates which vary depending on which provider you are with, you should also be aware that calls to this number from mobiles will usually cost more than making the equivalent call from a landline.

Hermes contact numbers

Hermes contact number Phone number
Customer service & myHermes 0330 333 6556
Head office & complaints 0844 543 7411 (7p/minute + access charge)

Email Hermes

Contact Hermes via email by using their dedicated address or by filling out an online contact form on their official website, where you can send enquiries about a myHermes parcel shop or a tracking request on an existing delivery.