HSBC Contact Number: 03457 404 404

Contact HSBC customer services on their UK phone number 03457 404 404 for enquiries about their current accounts, mortgages and internet banking products, where you can also report your cards as being lost or stolen.

HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world, additionally they are based in the UK. You should phone their general enquiries contact number 03457 404 404 if you would like to open a new current account, increase your overdraft limit or to report a fraudulent transaction on your account. Furthermore if you would like to apply for a loan or to get a quote for one of their various insurance policies then you should get in touch with them using this number. This is also their main telephone banking helpline therefore you should call this number to transfer funds into a different account and to check your live balance, helping you to plan for upcoming bills. Additionally if you require technical support whilst using any of their online banking services you should call their customer care team to get troubleshooting advice, similarly if you have forgotten your username or password they will be able to help you login to your account.

Calls to the HSBC customer service contact number 03457 404 404 are charged at standard UK geographic rates, meaning it will cost you the same as making an equivalent call to a local 01 or 02 area code telephone number. Therefore if you have free inclusive minutes on your landline or mobile tariff you will be able to call HSBC for free, however if you do not have these free minutes a variable per-minute charge as well as a call connection fee will be applied to the call.

Credit cards – 03457 404 404

Phone HSBC on their local-rate customer service phone number 03457 404 404 to apply for a credit card and to confirm the interest rates which apply to these accounts. Additionally if you are an existing customer you can call this helpline to request an increase in your credit limit, by contrast if you would like to pay off your debt you can phone them to close your account.

Mortgages – 0800 169 6333

Phone HSBC for free by calling their freephone contact number 0800 169 6333 to manage your homeowner mortgage by paying off your debt early or increasing your repayment term. If you aren’t an existing mortgage customer you can apply for one by calling this dedicated customer service team, similarly if you would like to remortgage your home with HSBC you can phone this number to get the relevant information.

Lost or stolen cards – 03456 007 010

Call HSBC on their emergency telephone contact number 03456 007 010 to report your card as lost or stolen. This helpline is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week so as soon as your credit or debit card is misplaced you should call them in order to prevent criminals from using it fraudulently. If you have already reported your card as missing then you can call this helpline to track the progress of the replacement, where you can also get advice on how to withdraw cash without your card.

Important HSBC contact numbers

Department Phone number
General enquiries & telephone banking 03457 404 404
HSBC current accounts – open a new account 0800 032 4738
HSBC current accounts – open a new Premier account 0800 328 1296
HSBC current accounts – Premier customer services (UK) 03457 70 70 70
HSBC current accounts – Premier customer services (international) +44 1226 260 260
HSBC current accounts – graduate account enquiries 0800 520 420
Credit card – customer services (UK) 03457 404 404
Credit card – customer services (international) +44 1226261 010
Credit card – balance transfer 03456 043 114
Mortgages – customer services (UK) 0800 169 6333
Mortgages – customer services (international) +44 1142 031 203
Mortgages – switch to a HSBC mortgage (UK) 03456 020 515
Mortgages – switch to a HSBC mortgage (international) +44 1142 031 526
Loans 0800 032 4735
Lost and stolen cards (UK) 03456 007 010
Lost and stolen cards (international) +44 1442 422 929
Online banking helpdesk 0345 600 2290
Bereavement support 0800 085 1992
Car insurance 0800 252 465
Complaints 0800 88 11 55
HSBC pensions – customer services 0345 745 6127
HSBC pensions – new customers 0800 130 130