IKEA Contact Number: 0203 645 0000

Contact IKEA Customer Services by calling their London-registered telephone number 0203 645 0000 to enquire about a product that you purchased from them or to ask them a question about their UK stores.

IKEA is a hugely successful multinational company and is officially the world’s largest furniture retailer. Their modern styles, eco-friendly ethos and designs which are simple to construct are just some of the factors that make them so popular throughout the globe. The delicious meatballs that they serve in their restaurants are also a significant draw for customers. You should phone 0203 645 0000 if you are having difficulties assembling an IKEA product or if your item of furniture is faulty and therefore your require a refund or a replacement item. You should also phone 0203 645 0000 in the unlikely scenario that you need to make a complaint to IKEA, or if you simply want to learn more about their company or furniture items.


Online Shop Support – 0203 645 0015

Phone IKEA if you need technical support using their online store by calling their London telephone number 0203 645 0015. You should phone this helpline if you are unable to log in to your account due to forgetting your username or password. Furthermore you should contact IKEA’s technical support team if you have been overcharged for an online purchase or if their website has crashed whilst you were shopping online.


Order and Collection Point Enquiries – 0203 645 0018

Contact IKEA to enquire about your nearest order and collection point by calling their London-registered phone number 0203 645 0018. Their order and collection points are smaller premises than their large showrooms which do not contain the items in-store, however you can order items online and get them delivered to these outlets, which are usually more local than their large out-of-town showrooms.


Important IKEA Phone Numbers

All of IKEA’s UK phone numbers are open 7am-10pm Monday-Friday, 7am-9pm Saturday and 7am-8pm Sunday, however please be aware that these opening may be reduced on some bank holidays. Furthermore these phone numbers are charged at UK local rates, which means it will cost you the same as making an equivalent call to any other 01 or 02 phone number. If you have free minutes on your mobile contract or tariff then you can even use these to make the call, making it essentially free of charge.

IKEA Customer Service Team UK Phone Number
General Enquiries 0203 645 0000
Online Shop Support 0203 645 0015
Order and Collection Point Enquiries 0203 645 0018


Email & Live Web Chat Services

Often people may have work schedules that means they are unable to wait on hold for long periods of time, or they simply would rather not talk to someone and prefer to contact a company online. IKEA recognises this and offer an online contact form www.ikea.com/gb/en/customer-service/contact-us/email where you can send a detailed email with your enquiry as well as an official live chat service www.ikea.com/gb/en/customer-service/contact-us/chat where you can type your enquiries to a specially-trained advisor.


Write to IKEA

If you would prefer to send IKEA a letter through the post with your customer service enquiry or feedback then please address your letters to their official UK head office:

IKEA Customer Services,
Witan Gate House,
500-600 Witan Gate West,
Milton Keynes,
MK9 1SH,
United Kingdom.