Norton Contact Number: 020 7616 5600

Contact Norton Security on their customer service phone number 020 7616 5600 for technical support with your antivirus software, to upgrade to their premium business package and to file a complaint if your internet security was comprimised.

Norton provides one of the most popular security software packages in the world, for instance their 360 service is used by millions throughout the world to guard against computer viruses transmitted via the internet. You may phone their customer care contact number 020 7616 5600 for technical support services if you are experiencing issues downloading or running your 360 security package. For instance if you are having problems activating your Norton antivirus product you can call this helpline to register your account over the telephone. Similarly if you are unable to log in to your existing account then dial this number for username and password reminders. Moreover if you would like to upgrade your security software or PC tune-up programmers then you can call this helpline to update your product, which is particularly useful if you have a business subscription.

Phoning Norton will cost you the same as making any other local call within the UK that lasts for an equal period of time. You may even contact them for free if you get inclusive minutes to use on your monthly landline or mobile contract. Lines are open 24 hours a day seven days a week however Norton recommends that you contact them from 6am-1pm Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday for the shortest waiting times.


Complain to Norton – 0118 920 4000

Contact Norton Internet Security to lodge a complaint by calling their head office phone number 0118 920 4000 where you can voice your dissatisfaction about a virus infecting your computer despite owning one of their products. If they experienced a national failure which compromised your online security then you may be eligible to receive compensation if your bank details were affected.


Norton – UK phone numbers

Norton department Contact number
Norton customer services 020 7616 5600
Complain to Norton 0118 920 4000


Write to Norton

If you would prefer to send a letter to Norton you may write to their UK head office address which is provided below. However when using this service to contact their customer care team you should be aware that it may take up to a week for Norton to respond to your enquiries and that you should affix the correct postage to your letter prior to sending.

Norton Security,
Symantec (UK) Limited,
350 Brook Drive,
Green Park,
RG2 6UH,
United Kingdom.