Royal Mail Contact Number: 0345 774 0740

Contact Royal Mail customer service advisors on their local-rate phone number 0345 774 0740 to make an enquiry about sending or receiving your post.

Royal Mail is by far the largest postal service company in the UK, operating a universal service across the country whereby sending an letter or parcel of a certain size will cost you the same amount regardless of where you post it from. The main reason Royal Mail operates this kind of service is that it was a government-run public service for almost 500 years, however it was privatised in 2015.

Help with Your Mail

Phone Royal Mail using their mobile-friendly contact number 0345 774 0740 to speak to a customer service advisor if your letter or parcel has not been delivered or if you need advice on how to post your item. You can call this helpline if you are due to receive an item and it hasn’t arrived and similarly if you have sent an item through Royal Mail and it has not arrived. Advisors on this helpline will also help you in tracking your delivery and provide advice on how to wrap & address your item, and tell you how much postage you will need to pay to deliver an item of your size & weight on time. If you would like to purchase postage over the phone or if you are having technical difficulties printing out postage that you bought online then please call their official postage support team using their contact number 0345 611 3425.

If you are hard of hearing and therefore require textphone services please call their dedicated helpline 03456 000 606. Alternatively if you would prefer to email Royal Mail due to your busy schedule or you simply prefer that method of communication then please use their official customer service address

Royal Mail Shop – 0345 764 1641

Contact Royal Mail’s online shop using their local-rate contact number 0345 764 1641. Their customer service advisors on this helpline will be able to provide assistance if your collectible stamp hasn’t arrived or if you need technical support with ordering a gift on their website. You can also call this phone number if you are dissatisfied with your purchase and you would therefore like a refund. If you are calling Royal Mail from overseas regarding your shop order then please phone their dedicated international helpline +44131 316 7483.

Royal Mail Business Customers – 08457 950 950

Contact Royal Mail’s specialist business team using their phone number 08457 950 950 (for 7p/minute plus your operator’s access charge) for assistance with your regular postal deliveries or commercial account with them. You can also phone this number if your customer has not received their item or if you have not received your materials or shop items that were due to be delivered. If you would prefer to send a business enquiry to Royal Mail via email then please fill out an online contact form on their website

Royal Mail Live Chat & Address

If you would like to have a live web chat with one of their advisors, or if you would like helpful FAQs and tips for common issues then please visit Royal Mail’s official contact website

Finally if you would prefer to send your enquiry or write a letter of complaint to Royal Mail you can post your letter in any of their postboxes with this address: Freepost – Royal Mail Customer Services.