Sky Contact Number: 0800 151 2747

Contact Sky by calling their main freephone customer service phone number 0800 151 2747.

Sky are a major telecommunications company operating in the UK and across Europe, offering services such as a landline phone network branded as Sky Talk, broadband & WiFi and Sky TV, which is the most popular satellite television service in the UK. If you need technical support assistance with your Sky Account or if you want to query a Sky bill that you have received then please call their dedicated accounts & billing helpline on 03442 411 653.

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Sky TV – 03300 412 526

  • Contact Sky TV by calling their local-rate phone number 03300 412 526.
  • 03300 412 526 is the main technical support and general enquiries contact number for Sky TV services so you should therefore call their 03300 412 526 helpline for troubleshooting advice for your Sky TV problem and to get information about Sky TV packages.
  • If you would like to join Sky TV, change your Sky TV service or change your Sky TV engineer appointment then please call 03442 411 653.
  • Alternatively if you are no longer satisfied with your Sky TV service and you therefore want to cancel Sky TV then please call their official cancellations helpline 03332 022 135.

Sky Broadband – 03300 412 544

Phone Sky Broadband customer service advisors by calling their 03300 412 544 contact number. As well as being the main general enquiries phone number for Sky Broadband 03300 412 544 is also the main technical support helpline for Sky Broadband, therefore if you have a problem with your Sky Broadband, Sky WiFi or Sky Email services, or if you need further information about Sky Broadband packages then you should call 03300 412 544.

Sky Talk – 03300 412 553

  • Contact Sky Talk by calling their official UK phone number 03300 412 553. Sky Talk is the landline service that Sky provides in the UK therefore you should call their 03300 412 553 helpline if you are experiencing technical difficulties with your Sky Talk landline service.
  • Alternatively you can call the dedicated Sky Talk sign up helpline 03300 412 554 if you are a new Sky customer and you want to join Sky Talk.

Complain to Sky – 03442 414 141

  • Phone the main Sky Complaints Helpline by calling their 03442 414 141 contact number to make a complaint about any of your Sky services.
  • If calling 03442 414 141 does not resolve your Sky complaint then please escalate your Sky complaint by calling their London head office phone number 0207 032 8000.
  • You can also send your Sky complaint by post, to do this you should write to Sky using their official complaints postal address:

Customer Complaints,
Sky Subscriber Services Ltd,
PO Box 43,
West Lothian,
EH54 7DD,
United Kingdom.

Popular Sky Phone Numbers and Web Links

Department Phone Number Link
Sky TV 03300 412 526
Sky Broadband 03300 412 544
Sky Talk 03300 412 553
Sky Accounts & Billing 03442 411 653
Sky Complaints 03442 414 141