UKVI Contact Number: 0300 123 2253

To contact the UKVI for assistance if you’re already inside the UK please call their local-rate phone number 0300 123 2253 to discuss your visa application and the immigration rules which apply to you.

Immigration is one of the most sensitive topics facing any country’s government. This is especially true for first world nations such as the UK which are the preferred destination for many would-be immigrants. If you’re not a citizen of the United Kingdom but would like to gain entry into the country, then you need to get permission from UKVI.

UKVI stands for United Kingdom Visas and Immigration and it is through this governmental department that all foreign nationals have to apply for their UK Visas. There are many reasons why foreigners may want to enter the UK, some of the more popular ones include tourism, work and study. These usually have a set temporary duration but there are also other purposes that have more permanence – such as immigration. For all these reasons, the UKVI needs to make sure that everyone gets processed fairly, also that the implementing immigration rules and regulations pertaining to entry into the UK are adhered to.

Here you’ll be able to learn more about the different types of visas that are available and the requirements for application.

Phone UKVI

  • If you’re a European national, then you can call the UK Visas and Immigration on their European Citizens phone helpline number 0300 123 2253 to discuss your entry rights.
  • If you would like to talk to them about Visa extensions or other general enquiries about immigration to the UK then call the UKVI contact centre on 0300 123 2241. If you are hard of hearing or if you have a severe speech impediment you can also contact them on on textphone devices by dialling 0800 389 8289.
  • If you would like to sponsor a student or employee then contact UKVI on their dedicated sponsorship number 0300 123 4699 to inform them and request relevant paperwork.
  • If you’re an asylum seeker and you are already in the UK then please call them on 0300 123 2235 as quickly as possible to have your claim reviewed and processed.
  • If you suspect there is an immigration-relevant crime and would like to report it then please phone this number 0300 123 7000 immediately in case an individual or group is guilty of people-smuggling.
  • If you’re a foreign national and would like to contact the UKVI, then you can call them on their Nationality Enquiries telephone number 0300 123 2253.

All known UKVI contact numbers

Department UK phone number
General & European enquiries 0300 123 2253
Visa extension 0300 123 2241
Applicant sponsorship 0300 123 4699
Asylum claims 0300 123 2235
Report immigration crime 0300 123 7000
Nationality enquiries 0300 123 2253

UKVI on the Internet

If you’re outside the UK and would like to contact the UKVI, then use this contact form here:

If you’re a foreign national and would like to learn more about the UKVI services, then you can check their official website here