Vodafone Contact Number: 0333 304 0191

Contact Vodafone customer care on their official UK phone number 0333 304 0191 for advice about your mobile contract, to upgrade your handset to the latest model and to check if their service has gone down in your area.

Vodafone are currently one of the largest mobile operators in the world, with over 430 million individual connections across the globe. You should call their UK customer service contact number 0333 304 0191 if you are experiencing difficulties with your mobile phone thus you require technical support. Additionally if you believe you have been overcharged on your pay monthly contract or pay-as-you-go tariff then you should call this helpline to get a full refund on your next bill. Alternatively if you are currently outside the UK you can call their dedicated international helpline +44 7836 191 191, however please be aware that this will cost more than making the equivalent UK-only call.

The Vodafone customer care phone number 0333 304 0191 is charged at an identical rate to local geographic landline numbers in the UK, meaning those which start in an 01 or 02 area code prefix. Therefore these calls are charged at a variable per-minute rate which depends on when you make the call to them as well as a pre-determined call-access fee which is set by your particular provider. If you are on a Vodafone contract or pay-as-you-go tariff you will be able to call their customer service team for free by dialing 191 from your handset.

Sign up to Vodafone – 08080 408 408

Phone Vodafone for free by calling their freephone contact number 08080 408 408 to sign up to a new contract, where you can also purchase a new pay-as-you-go SIM card and upgrade your current handset to the latest model. Furthermore if you need troubleshooting advice when using their online phone shop you can call this helpline to get customer service advice from a helpful advisor.

Vodafone home landline & broadband – 0808 003 4515

Contact Vodafone on their freephone telephone number 0808 003 4515 if you are a home broadband and landline customer and you require technical support with your service. For example if your WiFi signal goes down you can call this helpline to check if it is an outage across their network or a problem specific to your device.

Important Vodafone customer care phone numbers

Customer service department Contact number
Mobile enquiries 0333 304 0191
Sign up to Vodafone & handset shop 08080 408 408
Vodafone home landline & broadband 0808 003 4515
Contact Vodafone from overseas +44 7836 191 191

Check if your Vodafone signal is down

If your mobile is not getting any signal in your area you can use the official Vodafone network checker to check if there is a known issue with their towers or whether it is a problem only affecting your phone. Additionally you can also use this service to check if an area regularly gets 4G signal which is helpful if you are planning on visiting a rural area.